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Antigravity Studio
Antigravity Studio

More Than A Workout

A mood elevator ensuring that the one hour you invest with us can be your escape from reality and as a result becomes the best part of your day. All you have to do is show up and leave the rest to us. Achieving your health and fitness goal is a by-product of this experience. 

What You Get With
Antigravity Membership

Lifestyle Audit

We assess your current and past lifestyle habits so that we’re upto speed before we get started with your journey. We will understand your eating habits, sleeping habits, daily activity levels, allergies, medications, training patterns, etc. as this will help us profile you as accurately as possible. Exercitation veniam consequat sunt nostrud amet.

One-on-One training

Individuality is the crux of our fitness philosophy and we ensure that our attention and focus is on you only. Once we have all the relevant information about you, considering that, we design an optimal program which is specific to you and your goals.

Bespoke Nutrition

Our in-house nutritionist to take care of your nutritional and lifestyle necessities through constant communication and feedback. Our nutritional services can be in the form of a new diet plan or there can be modifications in your current eating pattern. Constant monitoring and communication from our team ensures you stay consistent.

Dedicated Coaches

Coaches who are equally passionate about your health and fitness goals, guiding and motivating you every step of the way. Every rep of every set of every workout is thoroughly monitored by an AG coach because how we do one thing is how we do everything.


We make it difficult for you to slack off and go off track as keeping yourself accountable and taking responsibility for your actions can make it a lot easier to reach your fitness goals. Through constant communication and feedback, the process becomes more transparent for you and us.

Long-term Facilitation

Fitness is an exercise in sustainability and the key to long term good health is to develop sustainable habits and routines. There’s no point achieving your goal and going back to square 1. We set you up for the long run by automating the entire process and providing you the tools and knowledge so you can implement it on your own.

How Personal Training Is
Key To Reach Your Goal

Personal training is all about understanding your body, your lifestyle, your motivations, your goals and then creating a very individualistic program that caters to all of the above and helps you move forward in the right direction. It allows you to perform exercises in a safe environment with an accurate and correct selection of training styles according to your needs and goals, eventually enhancing your fitness in every aspect.

Increases accountability

You will thoroughly understand your body

Goal setting

Flexible fitness and nutrition regime


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