• Where are you located? 

Pali Hill, Nargis Dutt Road.


  • Do you have showers? 

Yes, We do. We've got two washrooms with one having a shower unit


  • Do i need to bring my own water? 

You would need to bring your own bottle. The club has a water dispenser


  • Any essentials to bring to the gym? 

Nothing at all. Bring your soul and leave the rest to us.


  • Do you have lockers? 

Yes we do. 




  • What type of training is undergone here? 

At Antigravity club, we do a hybrid of Strength training, Calisthenics, Functional & Bodyweight training, Cardio & HIIT etc. However, our training program is goal specific thus every workout is structured to get our members closer towards their fitness goals


  • Do you’ll provide nutritional advice? 

Yes we do! For all our members we create a personalized diet plan according to your fitness goal. 


  • Do i have to be at any sort of fitness level before taking a membership? 

Not at all!




  • How do i enquire about obtaining a membership at Antigravity Club? 

By simply visiting us at our branch on Pali Hill or contact us on +91-9321041946

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